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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a process. As a process, it helps individuals both to define and achieve realistic financial goals faster and with greater ease than would otherwise be possible.
The executive coaching process is educational in nature. Astute individuals hire coaches for their existing knowledge, skills, and expertise as well as their ability to create further knowledge.
The result of executive coaching is a greater monetary success and greater personal wealth. Executive coaching is about enhancing a person’s ability to increase his or her personal wealth taking into account his or her available resources – including “time.”
If your goal is to become wealthier, especially if your goal is to become dramatically wealthier, then executive coaching might prove very advantageous.

Who is Andy O'Brien?


Andy O’Brien, CEO/Owner of AJ O’Brien Enterprises, is a trained expert in ActionCOACH Executive Business Coaching (#1 Business Coaching Firm in the world), John Maxwell Leadership, and is a Jeffery Gitomer Certified Advisor. He has been awarded a spot in the top 100 coaches in the world by ActionCOACH Global and has worked in business, sales and management since 1988. Andy’s midwestern values, motivation, energy and dedication have proven successful with the individual and passionate coaching approach he delivers to his clients. During the business alignment process, he reviews each aspect of his training and collaborative partnerships, to find the perfect strategy that prepares the owner, team and business for success.

“I am a business results expert who helps business executives and owners spend less time working in the business and more time working on the business,” says O’Brien. “I use a wide variety of resources to assess your business needs and match to a customized strategy to bring your business monetary success and help you achieve greater personal wealth.”

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